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Farscape 20in20 - Round 011 - The Hidden Memory
All About Me
_happyme_ wrote in imagepacks

Large TextGreenBlendColour SplashFull Body
QuietPassionMinor CharacterSlashName
Category: Same Scene
Artist's Choice



for farscape_20in20

in the unlikely event that you wish to use any of these icons, please credit _happyme_ at imagepacks.

thanks for looking

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These are gorgeous! I always love your coloring especially, and the subtle texturizing. And the crops. (so.... pretty much everything :D)

My favorite is Large Text, looove how well all those gorgeous shades of turquoise go together, and the whole background looks awesome. Definitely taking that one. Also love Blend (so intense), Color Splash (the smile! And the crop works great), Quiet (crop, and the interpretation of the theme are awesome) and Minor character (very nice quality, you're very talented at using text in icons, which isn't easy at all!).

Your category is very good too, I love the Crais and Scorpy theme. There are some interesting crops too. It's hard to pick favorites but 4 is just sooo like the devious Scorpy I love so much, 1 has lovely colors and 3 has an awesome crop.

Of the ACs my favorites are 5 (the contrast really works) and 1, which is just so soft and pretty.

All in all a quality set again! 'Unlikely event', wtf :D

That's really helpful fb.
Many thanks:)

your icons are soooo lovely!!!

I am LOLing so much at PK Barbie with the Aqua quote. HAHAHAHA

your AC's are gorgeous! and the name is BAMF!!!

So great I love them!!! Except PAssion. NO KISSING GILINA JOHN!!! hehehe

J&A 4 ever. I'm glad you got the Barbie Girl quote.
Thank you :)

I am also agreeing with everyone. These are great. I especially love your icons with text!

Favs are Quiet, minor character, cat#5 and ac#3

Aww, I love them all! You are so talented :) My favorite are large text, colour splas, full body, minor character. Category set is so lovely; I really like 3 and 4 and your AC is so amazing. I love 1, 2 and 5. :)

Great episode and great icons! I really love these, great job!

Many thanks.

'Tis indeed a great episode. :)

Edited at 2011-10-23 02:35 pm (UTC)

I adore your coloring. It always looks so lush and rich on my screen.

Happy made me smile, Blend is stunning, and of course I adore Colour Splash =D Especially the crop. It's perfect.

Minor Character and Slash might be my favorites of the themes...MC is hilarious, great coloring and texture, and I love the hands in Slash...

Category 4 gives me chills and I love love love AC 5.

I just commented on your icons too, then saw you'd left fb here, hee.
Many thanks for the fb. :)

Mine are done now... I can comment on everyone else's! :)

I love your coloring! It's bright and cheery.. and contrasy a the right places. Excellent job!

The category is fabulous. :)

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