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Star Trek 20in20 - Round 28 - Jadzia Dax
Buffy Cold Day Cruel World
_happyme_ wrote in imagepacks
Plus OneHomeReflectionAfraidCelebrate
BoredFull BodyNegative SpaceBeginningEyes

5 CATEGORY - Colors

AC #01AC #02AC #03AC #04AC #05

for startrek20in20
concrit is welcome
please let me know if you want to know re fonts/textures used (my resource post needs updating)

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Beautiful! Love your coloring, especially that cool purple in Colors #3.

Snagging a bunch - will credit, of course. Thanks!

Great work - I love AC2 eyes and celebration

Thank you for commenting d4s :)

Full Body, Eyes, Category #4 and AC#2 are gorgeous! Nice job! ^^

Thank you so much for commenting mm. :)

Thanks for posting nice icons! :D

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