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Farscape 20in20 - Round 12 - Sikozu
The Fifth Element
_happyme_ wrote in imagepacks

SmileFashionReq TextureCrossoverFaceless
Off CenterLooking UpFake BackgroundOCCRecycle
Category: Plus One
Artist's Choice

for farscape_20in20
sikozu's colouring is difficult
concrit is fine

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Guh! I love these so much!

faceless, offcenter, cat #4 & 5 >>>>3 BUT Fake Background is just...I love it. I want to have it's babies.

The colouring might be difficult but looking at the icons you would never tell. You've handled it beautifully. Extremely vivid and strong.

One wee thing though, you haven't posted teasers to farscape_20in20 yet. Pretty Please??

Thank you muchly for commenting.
I was going to wait for others to post first, but have submitted an entry for your approval :)

Ooh, so much Sikozu <3

I second sayuri_x in that Fake Background is perfection. Love the bright colors and the text and the whole composition. It's gorgeous and I'm snurching it. ^^

I also love Smile (wonderful pic choice, her smile is beyond charming), Texture (love the way you incorporated the texture), Faceless (the coloring is subtle but so pretty; love the background too), and Off Center (lovely crop). The category is a great display of Sikozu's relationships; my favorites are 3 (love the brownish coloring), 4 (background work is brilliant as is the crop), and 5 (looove the texture use). ACs are very pretty too, 2 is especially striking with the contrast, interesting image choice and the center crop (I might be in love with center crops...). Also love the crop and image choice on 3, super pretty, and the same goes for 5.

Lovely set, and I can't believe how happy I am that you chose Sikozu. There's never enough Sikozu prettiness, ever. Yay! ^^

Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous. Love them. <3

Thank you for commenting :)

Such a gorgeous set! You can't tell from looking at them that you had difficulty with her coloring. Although for me, Sikozu is the prettiest woman on the show, so I may be blinded =D

Smile is so vibrant and happy, and I really like Fashion - it has a very cool, elegant look. I also love the coloring of Faceless, and the crop on Off Center is fab. Looking up is beautiful...and the moment when I fell in love with the character ;)

Fake Background is SUPER...very, very impressed.

I love the soft, muted look of the category set and the selection of caps and relationships. I think 2 and 3 are my favorites.

Your ACs are lovely! They capture the character really well...I love the crops on 1, 3, and 5, and 2 is striking. I love the golden glow.

I may snurch AC3 and Looking Up, will credit :)

I am in love with all the AC's and Category icons. Lovely job, she is a lot of fun to icon I've discovered.

Thank you for commenting :)

They are all so beautiful! So gorgeous :) Reg texture is amazing and I really love fake background! So amazing :) And I also love category; my favorite are 2 and 5! AC set is amazing, too! 3,4 and 5 are so beautiful!

Wow, thank you for such kind comments :)

These are fabulous! Im going to agree with everyone else... fake background is gorgeous!

Love your AC set! And the category!

These are absolutely stunning! I'm so glad someone else chose Sikozu - she deserves ALL THE AWARDS. I love smile, fashion, and crossover, and fake background is just STUNNING. Snagging that one for sure! Category 3 & 5 are my favs - I love the Sikozu/Aeryn dynamic, and your coloring on both is just lovely! Your cropping on all the ACs is just amazing. Perfectly dramatic and so well-suited to each of the caps. Amazing, amazing job!

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